Metagovernance Dividends token exclusive to FTM & AVAX

Using competitive governance token bonding strategies, high APY yield tokens and fair governance, Volta DAO will become a fully decentralized metagovernance token and fixed income instrument native to FTM & AVAX


Volta DAO

Volta DAO provides secure, constant, passive income generation for its token holders. To achieve this, Volta DAO uses bonding relationships to collect governance tokens from other protocols, third-party protocol bribes and a strategically invested treasury which invests in yield farms.

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ve Token Model

• VOLTa: Native emissionary token that gives holders yield and governance power.

• veGVolt: VOLTa holders can time lock their VOLTa tokens to receive veYVolt to gain significantly more voting power.

• veYVolt: VOLTa holders can time lock their VOLTa tokens to receive significantly more yield from the revenue generated by our treasury.

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Bonds & LP

Volta DAO issues bonds in exchange for stablecoins, liquidity tokens and governance tokens. Through accumulation of governance tokens from various protocols, Volta DAO will become the metagovernance token of FTM & AVAX.

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Volta DAO Model

What is Volta DAO

Check out the video for more information on the Volta DAO protocol.

Learn More

How to Bridge from BSC to FTM

Check out the video for a Volta DAO guide on how to bridge from BSC to FTM.

Bridge Here


Phase One

  • Risk Adjusted yield farming strategies
  • Strategic multi-directional marketing operations
  • Bonding partnerships and governance token acquisition strategy deployment
  • Volta Revenue distribution mechanism
  • CoinGecko, Dextools, Kektools and CMC listings

Phase Two

  • Time locked veYVolt and veGVolt release
  • Security Audits
  • Governance platform
  • Blockchain startup accelerator program
  • FaaS (Farming as a Service) development

Phase Three

  • Volta DAO Lending platform
  • Volta referral marketing
  • Expansion to a third blockchain
  • Crosschain lending and borrowing strategies
  • Listing multiple collateral Assets with diverse collateral factors




Project Lead & Tokenomic Strategist

Volta DNA has experience working in multiple large scale financial institutions, investment banks as well as fortune 500 companies. DNA has a strong academic background in Economics and Mathematics. Spearheading the direction of Volta DAO and its new tokenomic ecosystem, DNA aims to use his multiple years' within the crypto space to transform Volta DAO into a project that lies at the core of Fantom and Avax.



JavaScript & Solidity Developer

Volta ION has significant experience in blockchain development, and so comes fully-equipped with technical expertise and marketing strategies. ION has also worked with various organizations as a full stack developer, armed with the ability to program in multiple languages. ION will be helping advise upon, develop and implement some of the features we've outlined in the new model.



JavaScript & Solidity Developer

Spade Tech is an international blockchain development and security agency. Working with a range of clients across the industry, Spade Tech has a proven track record for innovative smart contract design and development. Spade’s code auditing services are also renowned for superior attention to detail and robust security analysis.



Full stack developer & Tokenomic Adviser

Volta Watt joins our Development team as a Full Stack Developer, bringing over 3 years' experience and a background in cyber security and front end development for fortune 500 institutions. Watt will help develop new features for our app, write smart contracts, and assist in creating models to drive the ecosystem forward whilst providing support to maintain our infrastructure and code base.



Moderator & community adviser

Volta Joule has been heavily involved with crypto since 2012. Everything from trading, to large scale mining farms and DeFi has been his focus for the past decade. He has been deeply involved in the growth and management of DeFi projects and has worked with multiple 1B+ DeFi protocols.



Community Manager & Engagement Strategist

Volta Arc is an experienced community manager in the DeFi, NFT, memecoin and community coin space. With his 10 years' experience in managing and supporting software development teams, he brings a toolbox which he will use to help expand and thrive this community and project.



Moderator & creative architect

Volta Photon has been involved with crypto since 2017 with different levels of involvement in multiple DeFi projects. What he brings to the table is his passion for design & graphics, great organizational skills and plenty of experience in Community Management. He believes that blockchain technology and DeFi specifically are at the forefront of a major digital transformation that's just getting started.


  • Where and how can I buy $VOLT?

    You can buy VOLTa on the Fantom Network on SpookySwap or on the Avalanche Network on Pangolin. VOLTa liquidity is in the DAI stablecoin (DAI.e on AVAX).

  • What is Bonding?

    Bonding allows VOLTa to acquire its own liquidity and reserve assets such as DAI by selling VOLTa at a discounted price in exchange for these assets. There is a vesting period of 7 days until the full amount is claimable, but during this vesting time the bonder can claim some of the VOLTa rewards.

    VOLTa DAO’s bonding strategy will involve accumulating ve tokens of other protocols, various LP tokens, native tokens and stablecoins. These form an active part of how the protocol generates profits.

    The bonding dashboard can be found here.

  • What is veYVolt?

    veYVolt is our yield generating token. VOLTa DAO generates profits from bond sales, risk adjusted farming strategies amongst others. In total our revenue methods include:

    ● Passive income generated from optimized yield farming with our treasury
    ● Bond Income allocated towards the claim pool to meet income targets
    ● Revenue distribution received from holding ve and governance tokens in our treasury
    ● Bribe income
    ● Income from boosting LP rewards on other protocols through our governance tokens
    ● Profits from treasury investments and DeFi venture capitalist investments
    ● Blockchain Startup Accelerator fees

    veYVolt will allow the token holders to claim a proportion of the revenue generated by the protocol across both networks and aims to establish a floor of $1 per month per veYVolt. Users will be able to claim their share of the revenue we generate when they wish to on our app.

    Bonding income is used to support this target but as the treasury and protocol grow, we will become significantly less reliant on bond incomes. As such the supply of VOLTa will be tapering off over time.

    As our other revenue methods such as bribe income and accelerator fees come into play, our veYVolt token holders should see great returns.

    Over the first couple of weeks the rewards may not be fully linear to the standard of income as the rewards accumulate as distributed over a span of 7 days and the treasury will continue to be deployed till the vast majority of the funds are earning income. The veYVolt yield locker can be found here.

  • What is veGVolt?

    veGVolt introduces the unique concept of voting for LP discounts. By acquiring our governance token, you will be able to vote for protocol and treasury investment propositions. Volta DAO is cross chain and will look to expand to other blockchains. Holders of veGVolt can not only have voting power over other protocols, but also have voting power over other blockchains.

    This unique model will provide significant bribe income that brings protocol revenue and become the metagovernance token in all of DeFi.

    Through our linear time weighing model, voting power decreases as you get closer to your unlock. This way we create a fair governance platform that gives everyone a chance to have their say.

  • How is Volta DAO sustainable?

    Unlike other protocols which pay out its old buyers with the money from new buyers, Volta DAO pays out its users from revenue generated external to the protocol with various farming strategies.

    Once Volta’s treasury strategies earn more than the amount of veYVolt locked it will be fully self-sustaining.

    Higher prices mean more bonds will be sold which in turn gives the treasure more capital to invest and farm with, generating higher profits. Higher price movements mean more LP bonds and more liquidity, this means it's more difficult to bring the price back down and the treasury has more capital to sustain for a long time. Volta will be self-sustaining in the not-so-distant future and payouts will rely less and less on bonding income.

  • Can I unlock my veYVolt / veGVolt early?

    Users can unlock their locked VOLTa before the end of the lock up position but this will incur a 75% fee of the VOLTa due to be unlocked. The lost VOLTa will be burned.

  • Will Volta have a maximum supply?

    Yes. Volta’s supply will be capped once the treasury has enough LP tokens, ve tokens of other protocols and stablecoins to be completely self-sufficient.